VIRASTAN – With Protectene


VIRASTAN – With Protectene

Virastan with Protectene Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution is a plant based, broad spectrum disinfectant. It has proven results against approximately 170 individual fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses including the H1N1 Virus. The H1N1 Virus which is an envelope virus has a similar structure to the WUHAN COVID-19 Virus now spreading globally and for which it has been tested and effective. Virastan with Protectene ingredient has full accreditation bestowed on it and is USA FDA compliant, USA EPA “Exempt” from registration due to low toxicity and high safety factors with an EPA ruling it acceptable to use on the WUHAN COVID-19 Virus. Virastan with Protectene holds a United States Trademark as an Anti-Pathogenic Solution, the amazing thing is that it is completely safe to ingest yet still powerful, remarkable. At Health Therapies in conjunction with iGalen we have set our sights on products that are good for both people and the environment. Virastan with its proprietary ingredient Protectene enables us to share the same air safely, cleanly and without risk of infection, together we can effect Change. 1 item $51.97 equates to two 30ml (1oz) bottles and two 60ml (2 oz) bottles. Items are not available singularly and are part of the promotion pack. Auto - Ship is 1 item = 4 bottles = $51.97 = 40BV.

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