The NatShield Approach

NatShield with Path-Away® has tested and proven high efficacy against more than 170 pathogens of fungal, bacterial, viral, and yeast origins both surface and airborne. Path-Away® and its family of products all consist of a broad-spectrum group of naturally occurring plant-based substances.

NatShield with Path-Away® is an extremely potent and effective broad spectrum anti-microbial compound. It is environmentally safe with a very low toxicity, especially compared to its competitors. It has been tested, proven and approved by numerous laboratories and agencies on a global scale.

NatShield with Path-Away Personal Organic Disinfectant – A long-term and Timely Solution.

NatShield with Path-Away Personal Organic Disinfectant is a highly potent yet extremely safe disinfectant that is safe for children and adults and can be sprayed directly into the mouth and swallowed; or inhaled without any discomfort or harmful effects.

NatShield with Path-Away is made with all-natural ingredients and processed in highly purified water and produced in guarded, approved and compliant facilities. There is simply nothing like this on the market today.